Rector’s Message

As the Rector of Human Resource University, I have great honor to express profound thanks to Your Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen, especially students who have given confidence and support to the Human Resource University since its inception. This has built huge motivation in us to carry out bold mission in building potential human resources for our society with great achievements since 1998.

In response to your trust and support the quality of education at the university, as well as meeting the training needs, the Human Resource University has inaugurated the newly designed building which can accommodate approximately 20,000 learners, having 12 floors, offices and classrooms equipped with modern facilities, a large library, and canteen.

The management of the university is strongly committed to utilizing all energy, emotional force, mental power and resources to achieve its vision  to become a leading university in Cambodia in terms of high quality of education, training and research  which ensures that the students and graduates acquire fully potential capacity with specialized skills and ethics to be locally and internationally recognized, responding to economic and social progress, and dealing with challenges of the ASEAN integration and globalization. To accomplish this vision, the management has identified seven prioritized areas: 1-Promoting governance and management 2-Updating curricula to respond to labor market needs 3-Improving teaching and academic staff’s capacity building 4-Strengthening students’ learning and researches 5-Improving students services such as helping students to get jobs and to develop entrepreneurship skills 6-Strengthening and developing internal quality assurance systems and 7-Continuity of the physical infrastructure and learning resources development.

With clear vision, mission, specific goals, rich experiences and resources, and adherence to the four core values of training that provide “knowledge, skills, morality, and art of harmonious living”, our young generation who study at HRU have the right choice, helpful capacity, leadership, entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, conscientiousness, work ethics, responsibility and good personality to become a potentially priceless resource for work places, family, society, and nation. These can make their dreams come true because here we will committedly bring our students along the path of life that is full of skills, confidence and success that reflects 93 percent of graduates getting jobs.

We warmly welcome Your Excellencies, Lok Chumteavs, Ladies, Gentlemen, and students who visit us for further information about our university.

Wish you good health and success in your tasks.