Human Resource University is a leading higher education institution in Cambodia in term of high quality of education, training and research with national and international recognition.


Human Resource University is committed to high value and quality of education, training and research to meet the needs of the labor market and employment and to contribute to the development of society and national economic development.


To ensure the efficiency of education, training and to promote the growth of students having employment and professionalism, the Human Resource University has set the following 10 goals:
- Promote Governance and Management
- Strengthening the implementation and development of curricula to meet the needs of the labor market and employment
- Strengthening the quality of teaching staff and developing the capacity of the academic staff
- Provide Student Services Effectively
- Improve and develop physical infrastructure and academic resources to ensure the effectiveness of training
- Prepare budget plan and strengthen financial management work
- Promote research and development
- Strengthen and develop internal quality assurance system
- Strengthen and expand cooperation with national and international partners
- Encourage the dissemination of information about the university to a broader extent

Strategic action plan

1. Enhancing inputs: Student recruitment, human resource development, material and resources to support learning teaching and research, and utilization of financial resources.
2. Strengthening the implementation, management and monitoring process: Planning, implementation of action plan, monitoring the implementation and improving the work performance, evaluation and corrections.
3. Enhance academic achievement (Output): To ensure the highest successful graduates with excellence capacity.
4. Enhance the efficiency and value of intellectual property that graduate from the university (outcome): To maximize rate of graduates getting jobs and/or running their business.