Backing and Finance


The Assoicate’s Degree in finance and banking conists of subjects as follows: Accounting and Finance, Accounting and Tax, Accounting and Auditing, focusing on accounting management and financial management in public institutions, the private sector and civil society. Through this major, the learners can enable them to become outstanding assistants in financial management in various institutions.

To successfully complete the Associate’s Program in Accounting, candidates are required to have the underlying prerequisite knowledge including English and Algebra.


The Associates’ Degree in Banking and Finance is designed for the following purposes:

  • To encourage students and provide quality banking and finance training in response to labour market needs in banking and financial sectors;
  • To provide quality training through strengthening the quality of teaching and the ability of teachers;
  • To provide students to have opportunities for foreign exchange program and experiences with institutuional partners, enterprises, companies, associations, and accredited university partners;
  • To provide training programs responding to the needs of the local, regional and international labour market by continuing to update and develop regular curricula;
  • To create a culture of potentiality and excellence for students studying, training, and researching;
  • To provide full capacity students in both financial and banking fields and other skills in accordance with the qualification framework to be able to work effectively and with a high professional ethics;
  • To effectively organize and implement effective college training strategies;
  • To contribute to the development of human resources with the Royal Government to reduce the poverty of the people through employment and personal business of students during and after graduation;
  • To train students to be highly spirited responsibilities and best prepare for competition in the job market.


Upon the completion of the Associate’s degree in Finance and Banking, students will be able to gain knowledge, analytical skills (analytical knowledge), interpersonal skills and responsibilities, arithmetic, information and communication technology as detailed below:

  • To demonstrate an understanding of theoretical and terminology of finance and banking;
  • To make use of note-taking skills, analyzing, measuring and recognizing transactions;
  • To demonstrate an understanding of underlying principles of accounting and how to establish a company;
  • To enable to manage the cash flow to run the business successfully;
  • To take capital control of products in the production process of companies, trading companies and service companies;
  • To prepare accurate financial reports in accordance with standards;
  • To use data manipulation program and accounting management as well as process analysis;
  • To demonstrate an understanding of analyses on related financial and banking major situations;
  • To critically analyze to do their own business through understanding the concept of financial and banking opportunities;
  • To make their own decisions and use critical thinking skills to learn about the major financial factors that may help them;
  • To be able to analyze and share practical experiences linked to professional theories to their stakeholders;
  • To create an initiative for career planning related to their specialized skills;
  • To make change of negatve attitudes toward positive personality that make their professions even better;
  • To use communication skills to communicate with customers;
  • To use interpersonal skills to work as a team, coordinate work, and solve job issues;
  • To intelligently deal with various challenges during daily operations;
  • To become a high ethical person in an individuality and public forum;
  • To be able to calculate mathematics through specialist curriculum, accounting and finance such as applied business mathematics, financial mathematics, financial business statistics;
  • To skillfully use computer (Information and Communication Technology);
  • To compute and conduct jobs related to figures and nubmers by calculator or computer;
  • To use English and English technical vocabulary in relation to Accounting and Finance.


The Associate’s Degree in Finance and Banking is intended for two-year, and it is composed of 60 credits.The study period last only 3 years at most, counting from the registration date. The program structure is divided into two main groups. The first group is a general education and subject orientation, and the second group is specialized education (subject areas). The number of credits per group is as follows:

  • General Education and Subject orientation = Total credit of 46.5 credits
  • Specialized education subject = Total number of 13.5 credits

2 years = 4 semesters for Associate Degree

  • Associate degree year 1             = 2 semesters = 12 subjects     = 30 credits
  • Associate degree year 2             = 2 semesters = 10 subjects     = 30 credits
Year Semester Course Title Codes Credits
I I Psychology A1011PSY 1.5
Computer Administration A811COM 3
General Administration A1012GAD 3
Business English A1013BEN 3
Basic Marketing A311BMK 3
Principles of Accounting (1) A111POA 1.5
Total 15
II Global Studies A1015GST 1.5
Business Mathematics A1016MATH 3
Introduction to Economics (Micro) A611ITE 3
Business English A1014ENG 3
Introduction to Business A211ITB 1.5
Principles of Accounting (2) A112 POA 3
Total 15
II I Principles of Management A221PMG 3
Business Statistics (1) A1021BST 3
Customer Service A321CSV 3
Company & Contract Law A921CCL 3
Financial Accounting A121FIA 3
Total 15
II Marketing Management A322MKM 3
Business Statistics (2) A1022BST 3
Human Resource Management A222HRM 3
Financial Management A122FIM 3
Cost Accounting A123CAC 3
Total 15
Grand Total 60