The Associate Program in English is rigorously designed with appropriately pedagogical standards concentrating on liberal education to respond the students’ needs who wish to master their English in order to become teachers as well as professional communicators that are the demands of both private and public domains. Interdisciplinary courses such are literature studies, arts, global studies, world civilization, and history have been carefully incorporated to ensure students’ professional capability for better career prospects. Students graduating from these programs will be provided with good opportunities for job hunting such as teaching, communicating, translating, and working as administrator for business and tourism and hospitality.

Background Knowledge 

To successfully complete the Associate Program of English, students are required to master intermediate level of English proficiency and general knowledge as the prerequisites.


Upon completing our Associate Degree Program, learners will be able to:

  • develop advanced skills in speaking, listening, reading, and writing;
  • identify various strategies for sharpening both receptive skills and productive​ skills;
  • develop knowledge;
  • demonstrate ability to think critically;
  • utilize information and digital literacy skills;
  • demonstrate behavior and attitudes appropriate to a university environment.


          Upon completion of our Associate Program in English, students can expect to achieve the followings knowledge, analyzing skills, interpersonal skills and responsibilities, and information technology and communication skills:

Students will be able to:

  • Develop proficiency in language skills, speaking, listening, wiring, and reading by participating in various communicative tasks in the classroom, on campus, and beyond;
  • Use English effectively for personal communication, academic purposes and/or to serve professional needs in primary language teaching, business, or other fields;
  • Demonstrate the reading ability by showing comprehension of text of various disciplines;
  • Demonstrate listening ability through daily conversations, news broadcast, lectures and presentations;
  • Develop general knowledge and demonstrate the ability to use appropriate vocabulary learned from interdisciplinary courses to apply in oral and written communication for both academic and professional purposes;
  • Make appropriate and quick decisions on language, grammar, vocabulary based on the context of use;
  • Analyze the subjects, purposes, audience, and constraints that influence the writing to ensure achievement of specific and useful results;
  • Participate enthusiastically in various academic activities such as class discussions, presentations, homework and assignments;
  • Communicate with respect and ethics in both academic settings and others;
  • Demonstrate the ability to solve problems within groups and beyond;
  • Access information through the world-wide-web to serves the needs for research, school work and beyond;
  • Make use of telecommunication skills for future careers and communicate with others electronically;
  • Identify different forms of telecommunication and their context of use;


The Associate’s Degree in English is intended for two-year, and it is composed of 60 credits with no more than four years of completion. Students majoring in this degree course are required to pass school attendance requirement, on-going assessments, final exams, and state exam, which is given at the end of the program period in order to graduate.

Two years: four semesters for Associate Program

  • Year one (foundation year) ​​​​=​​​​​​2 semesters = 10 subjects  ​= 30 credits
  • Year two            ​​​​                      = ​​​​​​​2 semesters = 10 subjects  = 30 credits
Year Semester Course Titles Codes Credits
I I Core English I B711CE 3
Literature Studies B715LS 3
Academic Writing I B713AW 3
Psychology B716PSY 3
Cultural Studies B717CS 3
Total 15
II Core English II B712CE 3
Environment Sciences B718ES 3
General Administration B1012GAD 3
Computer Administration B811COM 3
Academic Writing II B714AW 3
Total 15
II I Core English (Grammar) I B721CEG 3
Core English (Speaking) I B723CES 3
Cultural Studies I B725CS 3
Literature Studies I B727LS 3
Academic Writing I B729AW 3
Total 15
II Core English (Grammar) II B722CEG 3
Core English (Speaking) II B724CES 3
Cultural Studies II B726CS 3
Literature Studies II B728LS 3
Academic Writing II B7210AW 3
Total 15
Grand Total 60