Hotel and Tourism

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The Associate’s degree in Hotel and Tourism focuses on tourism industry, including hotels, motels, guesthouses, recreational centers, tour operators, restaurant services, resorts, tourism operations, etc. Through this major, learners are highly competent in applying their tourism-related knowledge and skills in both public and private institutions, community, and so on.
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To successfully complete the Associate’s Program in Hotel and Tourism, candidates are required to have the underlying prerequisite knowledge including English, philosophy, and civic studies.
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The associate program in Hotel and Tourism is designed for the following purposes:

  • Train human resources on Hotel and Tourism specialization, focusing on tourism industries including hotels, motels, guesthouses, recreational centers, tour operators and operations, etc.
  • Fulfill the needs for career and employment opportunities, as well as respond to the labor market in public institutions, the private sector, and civil society
  • Contribute to the development of human resources with the Royal Government in order to reduce the poverty of the citizens through the employment and students’ personal business.
  • Train students to gain knowledge of Hotel and Tourism specialty, both in the public and private institutions and civil society with the ability to perform efficiently and with high professional ethics.
  • Train students to be highly spirited responsibilities and prepared to compete in the job market
  • Facilitate students’ learning through the development of regular curricula with the cooperation of stakeholders such as representatives of public institutions, civil society organizations, employers, entrepreneurs, professors, students, and advisory councils.
  • Train students to be able to further Bachelor’s degree.

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Upon the completion of the Associate’s degree in Hotel and Tourism, students will be able to gain knowledge, analytical skills, interpersonal skills and responsibilities, arithmetic, information technology and communication skills as detailed below:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the theory, methodology, tool, means, and technical vocabulary in hotel and tourism specialty
  • Develop an awareness of the basics of the composition of the hospitality and tourism industry
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the professional aspects of hotel and tourism such as job management, marketing, restaurant operations, food services, accommodation, interestingly fun events, and travel-related services.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the protocol operations in public and private sector and civil society organizations, especially in public institutions, as well as the preparation of all types of letters, standard letters, administrative letters and private letters.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the management skills (planning, organizing, leading and controlling)
  • Demonstrate an understanding of human resource management roles (HR planning, recruitment announcements, recruitment, training and human resource development, performance appraisal, compensation and other benefits, safety and health, and employer-employee relationships)
  • Demonstrate knowledge of guest reception, hotel check-in procedures, hotel reservations in response to hotel accommodations and other processes in the hotel as well as service-related business in tourism.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the functional activities in relation to hotel, service activities and work arrangements, accommodation supply, food supply, payroll, and guest check-in and check-out processes, and other secondary roles
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the basics of food preparation, safety, food hygiene, food types, beverage services, restaurant services, and food industry facilities
  • Demonstrate knowledge of minerals, vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates in foods with the flavored ingredients providing excellent quality food such as nutritious foods, organic meat, and natural beverages
  • Execute administrative roles in public and private institutions, and civil society organizations effectively.
  • Change perspectives, mindset and reflection on the difference between positive and negative thoughts.
  • Use skills to think and analyze the office recording system
  • Use the basics of speaking and acting as a professional guide
  • Build capacity of critical hinking and analytical skills to promote the service and maintenance of Cambodia’s tourist destination and natural cultural heritage
  • Establish the business relationship, negotiation, and dealing with all the incidents that occur in the business operations effectively through analytical knowledge and skills
  • Use interpersonal communication skills in leading team work, work coordination, work problem-solving, inititiation, discussion and exchange of ideas, listening, negotiation, debate, advocacy and intelligence in dealing with various challenges.
  • Be able to use specialized skills, build strong relationships, and inspire staff and team work
  • Using interpersonal communication skills and responsibility for hospitality services, reception of check-in procedures, hotel reservations, guest accommodation coordination, catering, guest check-out, and service-related operations effectively
  • Calculate math through curriculum of hotel and tourism specialization such as business math, economics, financial math, and business statistics
  • Be able to use computer (information technology) such as computer administration skills, administration, computer hotel management and tourism.
  • Be able to use English related to technical vocabulary in hotel and tourism specialty

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The Associate’s Degree in Hotel and Tourism is intended for two-year, and it is composed of 60 credits.The study period last only 3 years at most, counting from the registration date. The program structure is divided into two main groups. The first group is a general education and subject orientation, and the second group is specialized education (subject areas). The number of credits per group is as follows:

  • General Education and Subject orientation = Total credit of 46.5 credits
  • Specialized education subject = Total number of 13.5 credits

2 years = 4 semesters for Associate Degree

  • Associate degree year 1 = 2 semesters = 12 subjects = 30 credits
  • Associate degree year 2 = 2 semesters = 10 subjects = 30 credits
Year Semester Course Title Codes Credits
I I Psychology A1011PSY 1.5
Computer Administration A811COM 3
General Administration A1012GAD 3
Business English A1013BEN 3
Basic Marketing A311BMK 3
Principles of Accounting (1) A111POA 1.5
Total 15
II Global Studies A1015GST 1.5
Business Mathematics A1016MATH 3
Introduction to Economics (Micro) A611ITE 3
Business English A1014ENG 3
Introduction to Business A211ITB 1.5
Principles of Accounting (2) A112 POA 3
Total 15
II I Principles of Management A221PMG 3
Business Statistics (1) A1021BST 3
Customer Service A321CSV 3
Company & Contract Law A921CCL 3
Financial Accounting A121FIA 3
Total 15
II Marketing Management A322MKM 3
Business Statistics (2) A1022BST 3
Human Resource Management A222HRM 3
Financial Management A122FIM 3
Cost Accounting A123CAC 3
Total 15
Grand Total 60