The Associate’s degree in Marketing is an essential major for production, commercial, and service businesses. The course aims at training students’ marketing and marketing management skills, research, data collection and analysis. It also enables students to gain a comprehensive understanding of how customer behave and how products and services can be promoted and sold in terms of pricing strategy, product distribution and customer service delivery, strategic marketing, and foundations for related knowledge and skills. This major can lead students to the career in effective marketing assistants for all companies and institutions.
To successfully complete the Associate’s Degree in Marketing, students must be able to use English, algebra, and civic studies as the prerequisite.
Upon the completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Promote students’ marketing effectiveness and quality in response to marketplace need and job and empower students to apply knowledge and professional code of conducts
  • Promote the significant conbritution toward government to develop human resources, competences, and citizens’ standard of living upon graduation in which students are capable of seeking good jobs and running their own business
Upon completion of the Associate’s Degree in Marketing, students will be able to achieve knowledge, analytical skills, interpersonal skills, responsibilities, arithmetical skills, and information technology and communication skills:

  • Demonstrate strategic marketing operations, product advertisement and distribution to customers and intermediary markets
  • Demonstrate an understanding of Marketing principles and operations to solve problems for intermediary Marketing clients and providing quality product and services becoming setting pricing strategy assistants
  • Utitilize communication skills with the client groups and intermediary market using the strategy of motivating and attracting target customers
  • Use skills to provide quality customer services and value, facial expressions and gestures, job satisfaction, respect for customers, trust and effective coordination of problem-sloving skills
  • Demonstrate an understanding of clients’ attitudinal and psychological needs based on geographical demographics
  • Demosntrate an understanding of strategic marketing, advertising, pricing strategy, expansive strategic marketing products distribution, and customer services in response to the market size and competitors, etc.
  • Demosntrate an understanding of SWOT analysis
  • Anticipate, measure and evaluate based on 4Ps, 5Ps and 7Ps
  • Demonstrate an understanding of PESTL Marketing atmosphere, customer situations, marketplace, and new context
  • Demonstrate an understanding of marketing and sale operations ethically and responsibly
  • Develop analytical skills related to marketing and sales
  • Analyze and capitalize on business opportunities in marketing and sales
  • Make decisions based on the analyses of job and business situations or events
  • Analyze and demonstate an understanding of experience and theoretical principles
  • Assist in consulting on marketing, problem-solving skills and predictability to avoid problems
  • Carry out analytical skills to promote and sell products or services efficiently
  • Conduct analytical skills to initiate professional planning
  • Develop and demonstrate positive attitudes, personality tratis, and professional code of conduct conduct rather than negatively
  • Establish personal communication with colleagues and clients effectively
  • Use gestures to show respect for others, and the art of speaking and listening with facial expressions to make the relationships in work even more successful
  • Communicate with the top, middle, and low positions, customers, and the public capable of collabarating and responsibly solving challenges
  • Demonstrate an understanding of leadership and motivation for work efficiency
  • Demonstrate mathematical computation and business statistics skills without calculators through specially designed program
  • Use computer, Information Technology, and social networking – Calculate numbers and figures using a computer or calculator
  • Use business English
The Associate’s Degree in Marketing Banking is intended for two-year, and it is composed of 60 credits.The study period last only 3 years at most, counting from the registration date. The program structure is divided into two main groups. The first group is a general education and subject orientation, and the second group is specialized education (subject areas). The number of credits per group is as follows:

  • General Education and Subject orientation = Total credit of 46.5 credits
  • Specialized education subject = Total number of 13.5 credits

2 years = 4 semesters for Associate Degree

  • Year one (foundation year) ​​​​=​​​​​​2 semesters = 12 subjects ​= 30 credits
  • Year two ​                               = ​​​​​​​2 semesters = 10 subjects = 30 credits
Year Semester Course Title Codes Credits
I I Psychology A1011PSY 1.5
Computer Administration A811COM 3
General Administration A1012GAD 3
Business English A1013BEN 3
Basic Marketing A311BMK 3
Principles of Accounting (1) A111POA 1.5
Total 15
II Global Studies A1015GST 1.5
Business Mathematics A1016MATH 3
Introduction to Economics (Micro) A611ITE 3
Business English A1014ENG 3
Introduction to Business A211ITB 1.5
Principles of Accounting (2) A112 POA 3
Total 15
II I Principles of Management A221PMG 3
Business Statistics (1) A1021BST 3
Customer Service A321CSV 3
Company & Contract Law A921CCL 3
Financial Accounting A121FIA 3
Total 15
II Marketing Management A322MKM 3
Business Statistics (2) A1022BST 3
Human Resource Management A222HRM 3
Financial Management A122FIM 3
Cost Accounting A123CAC 3
Total 15
Grand Total 60