Business Administration


The graduate training program at Human Resource University consists of Master’s Degree and Doctorate’s Degree is a rigorously-designed program requiring students to conduct in-depth studies aligning with scientifically standard of research methods and analyses as a bridge to the conclusion and new findings as well as building new theories and models, which is a key to social and national development for each sector. The graduate program aims to build high-quality human resources, intellectuals, practitioners to guarantee leadership and management corresponding to its each sectorial and specialized skills, and enterprising policy-makers, methodology and consultation as researchers, and so on.

In the context of the market economy and the influence of globalization, management is mandatory for public institutions, private institutions and non-governmental organizations. Master’s Degree in Business Administration focuses on General Management, Human Resource Management, International Business Management, Project Management, Marketing Management, Total Quality Management​​​, Management Strategies, Management, Operations, Investment Management, Behavior Management, Accounting, Financial Management, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Management Economics and fields related to Statistics and Research Methods, etc., which is the basis for management in public institutions, the private sector, and civil society. Through this specialized program, it enables learners to make significant contributions to institutions effectively. 


To successfully study Master’s Degree in Business Administration, the candidates should have basic knowledge of English, computer skills, and Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Economics or in other related field (through Dean’s evaluation and decision).


The MBA program is designed to empower students to gain knowledge, experiences and skills related to an in-depth basis of general management, office management, human resource management, production and operation management, corporate behavior management, entrepreneurship, human relations, investment management, development unit, international business management, strategic management, total quality management, shipping management, multicultural management, accounting and financial management, leadership as well as providing the basis of analysis and evaluation, strategic planning and project development aiming at building professional competence in management and leading the institutions to success and efficiency. 


After completing a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, students will gain knowledge, analytical skills (analytical knowledge), interpersonal skills and responsibilities, as well as arithmetic, information technology and communication as follows:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of in-depth basis of management such as general management, human resource management, production and operation management, project management, corporate behavior management, entrepreneurship, investment management, corporate entity development, international business management, strategic management, total quality management, shipping management, multicultural management, accounting and financial management, leadership, etc.,
  • Demonstrate an understanding of behavior, attitudes, and personalities of employees
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how to manage strategies (develop, implement, and control strategies),
  • Demonstrate an understanding of business operations (import-export processes),
  • Be able to execute project management (project development and project investment),
  • Be able to lead the teamwork and the unit fruitfully
  • Be able to establish all kinds of either small or big business
  • Enable learners to have potential management skills to serve in public institutions, national governmental agencies, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, companies, factories and enterprises, and even in administrative offices, production sectors, human resource management and relations office.


 Master’s Degree in Business Administration consists of two-year academic curriculum with a minimum number of 39 credits of academic subjects and 6 credits for research reports (totaling 45 credits).

  • 2 Compulsory Core Courses =             6 Credits
  • 6 Major courses                 =             18 credits
  • 2 Elective Courses for each academic specialty: (students can choose at least 2 common subjects corresponding to 6 credits)
  • 3 Research Courses which is fundamental courses to assist in research, writing and major report/thesis’s defense. These research courses correspond to 9 credits
  • Students are required to conduct research report on their own specialty and perform research defense in front of our university evaluation committee corresponding to 6 credits and taking state examination under MoEYS supervision.
Research  Courses 09 Credits
1 Advanced Statistics (SPSS) 3
2 Research Methodology 3
3 Managerial Economics 3
Compulsory core courses/ Foundation Courses 06 Credits
1 Human Resource Management 3
2 Organization Development (Management of Change) 3
Major courses/Main Courses  18 Credits
1 Entrepreneurship 3
2 Production & Operations Management 3
3 Strategic Management 3
4 Investment Management 3
5 Leadership 3
6 Total Quality Management 3
Elective Courses 06 Credits
1 Organization Behavior 3
2 International Management  
3 Principles of Accounting  
4 Marketing Management 3
5 Managerial Accounting 3
6 Marketing Strategy 3
7 Project Management 3
8 Administrative Letter 3
9 International Business 3
10 Management Information System 3
11 Financial Accounting 3
12 International Finance 3
13 Supply Chain Management 3
14 Shipping Management 3
Sub Total 39 Credits
Research Project 6 Credits
1 Detail Research Proposal ‘s Defense 3
2 Research Project’s defense 3
Grand Total 45 Credits