Entrepreneur, Job Counseling, and Alumni Office

Entrepreneur, Job Counseling, and Alumni Office (EJCAO) of Human Resource University has played an important role in providing job and career consultancy and entrepreneurial initiatives in order to guide and orientate students in building skill capacities, basic knowledge and supporting skills leading to job opportunities, and building up job relation network and information in regards to jobs and careers for students and graduates. Our team has facilitated students in applying jobs successfully, including training methods and effective strategies for searching jobs wisely.

EJCAO has also compiled and disseminated information, data and built relations with alumni in order to spread and get information, valuable experiences from them. Moreover; EJCAO has worked with national and international institutions to help students win scholarship overseas and conduct internships, and researches at institutions and units.

Job Title Company Location Closing Date
General English Program Human Resource University Phnom Penh 31/10/2018