Annual Review Conference 2016 and orientation for 2017

On February 3, 2017, at 7:30 am, Human Resources University organized an Annual Review Conference of 2016 and set a direction for 2017, presided over by HE Dr. Seng Phally, Chairman of the Human Resources University with over 400 participants.

Speaking at the event, HE Dr. Seng Phally stated that over the past 18 years since the establishment of the Human Resources Development Institute in 1998, a valuable experience has shown that the quality of training is in line with the ethical, vocational, teaching, and learning ability to be connected. To the curriculum, as well as the development of physical infrastructure in all areas to ensure that quality standards are sustainable and sustainable. Based on this, HRH has continuously improved all aspects of human resource training to meet the practical needs of the society, the economy and the labor market.

The achievements notably achieved in 2016 by HRH include:

– Implemented the action plan for 2016, achieved 91%

– Has already completed and put into operation a new 12-storey building and equipped with adequate equipment and materials in line with the technological progress.

– Quality assessment has been conducted from the Accreditation Committee of Cambodia, the only quality assurance institution in Cambodia.

– Increased the number of partnerships of more than 100 institutions, both national and international

– Recruited 95% of the total number of students in the designated plan

– Organized certificates and graduation ceremony for students related to this topic. He also stated that Human Resource University holds certificate certificates to students every year, which is a great motivation for young students who study at each level.

– Highly acclaimed by staff, professors, students and guardians for the brilliant achievement above.

Finally, HE Dr. Seng Phally appreciated and highly appreciated the management of staff, faculty members, national and international partners, and all students who have contributed to further promoting the education sector in order to contribute to the Royal Government’s development of intellectual capital for our young people for success and a strong pillar For the nation.

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